Unfiltered IMG Friendly List

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) face many additional obstacles during their journey to Matching into a US medical residency program. One of the most important factors an IMG residency applicant must face is researching whether or not individual residency programs consider applications from IMG residency candidates.
The Unfiltered IMG Friendly List is a list of all the residency programs within one specialty that has an IMG Friendliness percentage of 1% and above. This list does not take your registered Applicant Criteria into consideration, it is based solely on a program’s IMG percent.
Frequently Asked Questions:
During Match A Resident’s program requirements updating period, the Update Team asks residency program faculty for the total number of residents in the entire program from PGY-1 to advanced years. The Update Team then asks for the total amount of IMG residents in the program. Using both numbers, the IMG percentage is calculated.

Ex. If there are 30 total residents in a program, and 5 are IMGs, the program has an IMG percent of 16%.
The Unfiltered IMG Friendly List only contains programs that have shared with us their amount of residents and IMGs in order to calculate IMG Friendliness. Your Customized List may contain programs that chose to not disclose this information. Programs on the Unfiltered IMG Friendly List must have an IMG percentage to appear.
Programs on the Unfiltered IMG Friendly List are not filtered or organized according to your Applicant Criteria and the programs’ requirements. A program may be IMG Friendly, but incompatible with your registered professional credentials.

For example, if you scored a 220 on the USMLE Step 1, and a program requires a 230 or above, even if the program is IMG Friendly, it would not show up on your Customized List because you do not fulfill their requirements.
The programs on the Unfiltered IMG Friendly List corresponds with whichever Customized Specialty List you have activated.
Your medical residency program research should be based predominantly on your results from the Customized List. However, if you would like to expand your knowledge of IMG friendly programs beyond those highlighted in your Customized List, the Unfiltered IMG Friendly List and Smart List are provided as a courtesy.
The Unfiltered IMG Friendly List is free with the purchase of a Customized List. It is only meant to supplement your research, and cannot be purchased on its own.

Learn more about the Customized List here.