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Match A Resident's unique algorithm generates the most compatible residency programs in the 18 most IMG-Friendly Residency Specialties - all accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

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IMG Friendly Programs

IMG Friendly

If you are a US International Medical Graduate (US-IMG) or Non-US International Medical Graduate (Non-US IMG), it’s important to know which programs are IMG-Friendly to target your applications. Don’t spend your valuable time and resources on programs that your Applicant Criteria are not compatible with.

Customized Program List


Each Customized Residency List is created by comparing your Applicant Criteria to program requirements. Your applicant criteria includes the most relevant professional credentials for IMG candidates such as USMLE scores, Attempts, Visas, Time Since Graduation, US Clinical Experience, and more.

Insightful Program Info


We gather the most relevant data to help you make informed application decisions. Compatibility Scores help you fine-tune program selections. Additionally, we present which programs have interviewed and Matched candidates like you. With program Insights, Highlights, and more, refined program research starts here.

Our Features

Residency Program Compatibility Score

Compatibility Scores

At-a-glance indicators of your compatibility with each program on your Customized List.

Additional Filters

Additional Filters

Filter for ECFMG Certification, USMLE attempts, IMG Friendliness, Program Deadlines, and more!



Shows you the residency programs that have interviewed candidates with Applicant Criteria similar to your own.



Enables you to see if a program has interviewed or Matched with applicants from the same medical school that you attended.



Will show you that a program has interviewed or Matched with a candidate from the same country your medical school was located in.



Identifies any programs that have Matched with applicants who have a similar profile to you.

Funneled Organizational System

Funneled Organizational System

Save your favorite programs for future reference. Select “Applying” when you plan to apply, and mark “Interviewing” when you receive interview invitations.

Interview Manager

Interview Manager

Keep track of all your interviews in one place by adding them to your Interview Event Calendar. Record any important Notes here as well.

Rank Assist

Rank Assist

Get assistance with brainstorming your residency experiences and preparing your program order before certifying a Rank Order List in NRMP®.

Dissecting a Sample Program

Residency Program Requirements

Core Criteria

Each program on your List includes a detailed Program Profile with the following components:

  • 1Compatibility Score to help assess your qualifications for each program
  • 2Complete core criteria for every program on your list
  • 3Additional comments to provide further clarification about criteria
  • 4Funneled organizational system to mark programs as Saved, Applying, and Interviewing
  • 5Icons to indicate New Programs, Update Status, InterviewLink, Notes, and more
  • 6Easy copy button to add the ACGME Code to your clipboard for inputting into ERAS
  • 7Program Coordinator contact information
Residency Program Insights


Program Insights that go beyond core criteria: You’ll have access to important information to help you make informed choices. This section includes Application deadlines, ECFMG Certification requirements, Interview format, Telerotation acceptance, and InterviewLink programs.

Residency Program Highlights


Program Highlights include details about the hospital, community, and geographic region, as well as any other unique program characteristics.

Residency Interview Feedback

Interview Feedback

Learn more about previous candidates’ experiences through exclusive Interview Feedback, found only on Match A Resident. Contribute your own reflections to an ever-growing resource, critical for current and future applicants.

How Will You Manage Your Match Journey?

All residency candidates have unique backgrounds and experiences, but all applicants do have one thing in common: the need for a targeted list of programs to apply to.

There are two ways to achieve this:

Spending countless hours researching hundreds, if not thousands, of programs on your own, double-checking website information, or waiting for Program Coordinators to call or email you back

- OR -

Signing up for a Customized Residency Program List with Match A Resident and letting us do the research for you

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