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Match A Resident's (MAR) unique platform helps you apply smart by taking the hassle out of identifying and contacting residency programs in the US. We provide you with the most compatible residency programs while you focus on preparing an efficient and strong ERAS Residency Application.
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Note: Only one USMLE step score is required to generate your residency list. Other weaker filters, such as USMLE attempts, will be available at program list view.

Find your Residency Match with your Personalized Residency Program Requirements Lists

Give yourself the best resources to successfully compete in The Match® during the 2016-2017 Medical Residency Application Season with Match A Resident’s Customized Specialty Program Lists. 12 Years in Service
U.S. medical residency programs are known to screen residency applications using program requirements filters. Residency applicants are responsible for finding and learning about each residency program individually. The average residency applicant wastes up to a month or more researching, and hundreds of dollars applying to residency programs with requirements they do not fulfill.
Match A Resident guarantees time and money saved by providing our members with unique, up-to-date, reliable, and customized IMG friendly lists of medical residency programs across 18 medical specialties. The Residency Program Matching Algorithm will compare your registered Applicant Criteria with the requirements from the Residency Program Database to create a strong and customized list of residency programs to help you increase your potential to obtain interviews and Match.

Each Customized Specialty Program List is complete with:

  • Program Contact Information
  • Detailed Program Requirements such as USMLE exam scores, IMG friendliness, Time Since Graduation Cut-Offs, Application Deadlines, ECMFG Certification, and more
  • Extra information as indicated by the programs themselves
  • Additional filters for USMLE Attempts, Deadlines, and Bookmarks
  • A complimentary Unfiltered IMG Friendly List
  • Extensive Program Interview Feedback and Reviews from past residency candidates organized for you by the Smart List feature
  • ...and much, much more!
With the extra time, money, additional resources and expert residency guidance, your residency application efforts have never been stronger.

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Basic Program Information
Minimum program information for preliminary research.
Updated and Advanced Requirements
More than basic program requirements, you can view additional information to help you learn about a program, and make informed decisions.
Custom Program Lists
A unique list of programs created based on your professional criteria.
IMG Friendly Lists
Learn about all the IMG friendly programs in any of our 18 medical specialties.
Smart List
Find programs looking for applicants like you by viewing interview feedback from past applicants with similar professional criteria.

Match A Resident has 12+ years of experience in the medical residency application. We strive to extend our specialized knowledge, extensive experience, and unlimited resources to the residency applicant community. When you join Match A Resident, you aren’t just registering with a service, you are becoming part of a diverse residency network.
Match A Resident creates Customized Residency Program Lists by comparing your Applicant Criteria with the program requirements of +3,000 ACGME® residency programs spanning 18 medical specialties. Medical residency Personal Statement services are available through our partner, Residency Statement.
Not only does Match A Resident save you time and money by providing you a one-stop shop for your residency program research needs, but we also offer complimentary lists and features, and free expert residency application guidance to help you throughout the Residency Application Season. Registered members are encouraged to Contact Us with any questions about the residency application and Matching process.
Match A Resident specializes in providing resources for IMG candidates. All Customized Residency Lists for IMGs are automatically IMG friendly, and include information with regards to ECFMG Certification, IMG Percentage, Visa Sponsorship, and the PTAL (California Letter). Our Residency Expert Support Team has proven to help IMG candidates navigate the residency application process and succeed for over a decade.
Match A Resident’s efficient and enthusiastic Update Team spends 6 to 8 weeks annually, from June to August, updating the programs in our database through residency program database inputs, phone calls, and rounds of emails. While program websites and public databases may be outdated or incomplete, Match A Resident’s Update Team is trained to get the most accurate residency program requirements information directly from residency program faculty.
Experience, transparency, dedication, and diligence is what makes Match A Resident the most reliable residency service in the field and the pioneer of Customized Program Lists created to fit your Applicant Criteria. Match A Resident works all year round to keep our information updated, and improve our services and systems-- all with the ultimate goal of helping our community of residency applicants do their best during the Match Season.