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The Match Success Wall

Match A Resident is proud of all successful residency candidates and takes pride in recognising them. Below you will find a random sample of success stories shares with us.

"My score was less than stellar, and at that point I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. That's where Match A Resident came in to help me out."

Mansour Shirzai, Matched in Family Medicine

"I definitely would recommend that applicants use Match A Resident because it really saves you a lot of time, as well as a lot of money, and it really alleviates most of the stress that comes with trying to find which programs one is most compatible with."

Esperance Madera, M.D, Matched in Internal Medicine

"The Match A Resident custom list came in to help me in the best way possible because it has a lot of information that is not found anywhere. It has insights spanning multiple years, and it also has special features like I-Link, Country-Link, School-Link, so all of these features make MAR an unbeatable choice when you're applying to a residency program."

Advait V, Matched in Family Medicine

"Based on what I was told previously, I shouldn't have matched with my scores and my stats, so to have had 9 interviews for neurology is not a small feat. I really do credit Match A Resident in helping me select the programs to apply to that made the most sense for me instead of just blindly applying."

Jessica Darusz, PGY4 neurology resident and chief resident

"A lot of people make the mistake of just applying everywhere or don't do research before they apply, and 100 of those 200 programs were never going to look at you. So applying "smart" is very important. I used the Match A Resident bundle."

Meher Irani, Psychiatry Resident

"The program list was brilliant. I was initially going to apply to about 145 programs, but after using Match A Resident I shortened my list to less than 120. I ended up getting 20 interviews and it was really hard scheduling them. Match A Resident also had a scheduler that I could use where I could put in my interview dates, so it had amazing tools as well!"

Avanthika Chaithanya, Pediatric resident PGY-1

"I was able to see how many people with similar credentials to mine were able to get selected for interview at a specific program or match from the same country. This was a real confidence booster - that people with similar credentials were able to get interviews, and that's how I decided to apply to that program. Match A Resident is extremely useful and I suggest it to my close friends and upcoming applicants."

Dahwood Tahir, Matched in Internal Medicine

"When I applied to the match, I only had average scores and 0 publications. Applying was a big risk for me because every year the match gets more progressively competitive. Luckily, Match A Resident was there to help me and I matched on my first cycle of application."

Raymart Macasaet, Matched in Internal Medicine

"I want to shout out Match A Resident for how much they helped me during my application season.Using their specialty navigator for General Surgery allowed me to find a program that really caters to the IMG experience."

Folarin Adeyemi, Incoming General Surgery Resident

"Match A Residents features, such as interview link and rank assist, will make really make your journey much simpler and take a way a huge headache from the selection process."

Parul, Incoming Internal Medicine Resident

"Deciding what programs to apply to can be such an overwhelming process, but thanks to Match A Resident I was able to navigate the process successfully!"

Miracle Eke, Incoming Family Medicine Resident

"I had the privilege of using Match A Resident's services and I really benefited from all the resources they provided. I would recommend all IMGs to use Match A Resident!"

Sarang Choi, Incoming Internal Medicine Resident

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