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Put your best foot forward with our detailed assessment.

Unique protocol-based approach

Unlike simple prompting with conventional Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, we've engineered our review process to adhere strictly to our unique protocols, providing enhanced relevance and precision for your residency application.

Advanced AI-driven scoring

We utilize cutting-edge AI technology to score the written components of your residency application, revolutionizing the evaluation process. Our system provides scores for each section of the application based on our specific protocol, ensuring a detailed and balanced evaluation.

Personalized AI-driven evaluation

Following the initial free scoring, you may choose to receive a comprehensive review highlighting areas for improvement aligned with the specific protocol for each section.

Areas That Needs Attention

Continuous innovation

Committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving medical landscape, we ensure our AI protocols and scoring methods are consistently updated and refined, giving you a competitive edge in your residency application journey.


Residency application

Personal Statement

Your first introduction to programs, highlighting your journey, skills, and aspirations, focusing on medical specialties and blending academic competence with unique traits.

Letter Of Recommendation (LoR)

The Letter of Recommendation details your clinical skills, professionalism, personal attributes, and potential, culminating in a compelling endorsement for medical residency.

Hobbies & Interests

The Hobbies & Interests section highlights your personal passions, detailing one or two top activities that bring joy and shape your character, offering insights beyond professional achievements.

Work Experience

Work experience encompasses all your paid roles across clinical, nonclinical, business, or entrepreneurial sectors.

Education/Training Experience

Covers your formal academics and hands-on clinical exposure: clerkships, away rotations, subinternships, and structured observerships.

Volunteer/Service/Advocacy Experience

Highlights unpaid roles underscoring your compassion, civic responsibility, and commitment to enhancing the community.

Professional Organization Experience

Professional organizations highlight your dedication. Includes societies, associations, from local to international. Showcases collaboration, leadership, and proactive contributions in medicine.

Teaching/Mentoring Experience

Teaching, mentoring, and tutoring experiences reflect leadership, skill development, and your potential contribution to residency programs.

Other Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Extracurriculars, like sports, music, and student government etc., show diverse skills. Residency programs value such versatility, spotlighting a well-rounded candidate in you.

Research Experience

Research Experience encapsulates your roles held in research, project participation, resulting achievements, pending publications, and conference presentations.

Military Service Experience

Military Experience showcases resilience, leadership, and teamwork. Translate military roles to civilian terms, quantify achievements, and highlight your transferable skills.

Impactful Experience

A profound event or challenge that significantly influenced your personal growth, shaping your aspirations, marked by adversity and transformative realizations, not told anywhere in the application.

Meaningful Experience

Meaningful Experience delves deep into a chosen instance, intertwining key characteristics and primary focus areas to highlight your genuine introspection.

Geographic Division Preference

Spotlight desired U.S. Census divisions, guiding program directors, showcasing your genuine aspirations, and highlighting future visions.

No Geographic Division Preference

No Geographic Division Preference expresses your openness to all U.S. divisions, reflecting your prioritization of career goals and flexibility rather than specific region.

Setting Preference

Setting Preference in residency applications reflects your desired environment, aligning with personal goals, career aspirations, and offering insight into your medical journey.

No Setting Preference

Selecting "No Setting Preference" for residency shows your ability to adapt and operate in the diverse aspects of urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Medical Education Extended/Interrupted

Address any breaks in your medical education in the ERAS® application, focusing on overcoming challenges and reflecting on personal growth.

Letter of Interest (Follow-up Letter)

The Residency Post-Application Letter of Interest (Follow-up Letter) is a strategically timed, multifaceted tool to distinguish your candidacy and align with targeted programs.

Thank You Letter

The Thank You Letter for residency is a concise expression of gratitude, highlighting unique interactions, impressions, and reaffirming interest in the program.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

A Residency Letter of Intent clearly communicates your strong interest and reasons for ranking a program as your top choice.


The Residency Post-Application Letter of Interest (Follow-up Letter) is a strategically timed, multifaceted tool to distinguish your candidacy and align with targeted programs.

Copy. Paste. Results.

01. Copy

Begin your journey towards creating a standout residency application by copying your content. With our AI service, select the specific component of your ERAS application you wish to evaluate—whether it’s your personal statement, a description from your experience section, an impactful experience, or a meaningful experience. Simply highlight the content and copy it.

02. Paste

Next, paste your copied content into our AI Assessment tool. This effortless and user-friendly process takes only seconds. By pasting your content into the tool, you initiate a comprehensive evaluation, allowing our AI to meticulously analyze and score each aspect based on specific guidelines and recommendations.

03. Score

Once your content is pasted into the AI Assessment tool, it is instantly evaluated across all aspects of the component protocols. Our AI-driven process uses precise guidelines and recommendations to generate clear scores for each aspect, providing you with a detailed understanding of your overall standing in that section of your residency application.

04. Evaluate

For each score generated, you will receive an in-depth evaluation that addresses every item of the protocol. This thorough review offers actionable insights and specific examples to highlight areas for improvement, empowering you to enhance each component of your application effectively.

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Match A Resident utilizes a proprietary protocol to review residency applications, ensuring enhanced relevance and precision compared to conventional methods.

Our advanced AI technology scores each section of your residency application, providing detailed evaluations based on specific protocols.

After the free initial scoring, you can opt for a comprehensive review that highlights areas for improvement according to our protocols.

Reviewed components include Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation, Work Experience, Meaningful and Impactful Experiences, Geographic Division Preferences, and more.

We continually update and refine our AI protocols and scoring methods to stay ahead of medical trends, giving applicants a competitive edge.

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