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Experience the difference of having your residency program research completed for you with a Customized Residency Program List based entirely on you. No more jumping from source to source, the Customized List will provide you with all the programs you qualify for in any of the 18 medical specialties with all of the information you will need to pick programs.

IMG Friendly

Calling a program IMG Friendly requires so much more information than simply knowing how many International Medical Graduates (IMGs) a program has. IMG candidates need to know if programs have a history of IMGs, visa policies (sponsor H1 or accept J1), US Clinical Experience (USCE) requirements, or specific ECFMG® Certification deadlines. If you are an IMG, your Customized List will be IMG Friendly, guaranteed.

Interview Link

A truly Customized List doesn’t only look at you as an individual, but also takes into account past candidates like you to figure out your best residency program options. Match A Resident is the only residency research service offering an InterviewLink (I-Link) Feature to identify programs with past interview feedback or scheduled interviews from candidates with similar credentials to you. By seeing programs have interviewed candidates like you, you have an exclusive insider’s look into the minds of residency programs.

Specialty Navigator

Interact with your Customized Residency Program Lists like never before with the smooth, reimagined Specialty Navigator. Through one easy source, you can switch between medical specialties, view hundreds of programs, select additional filters, search individual programs and sort by different categories to make the absolute most out of your Customized Lists.

Compatibility Score

Some residency programs are more compatible than others. Providing the next level of guidance to your program research and changing how you select programs, the revolutionary new Compatibility Score feature will take your Account Criteria compared to individual program requirements to compile a comprehensive compatibility percentage score for every program on your Customized Residency Program List.

Link Features

Using exclusive data from past applicants, our Link features show whether programs have interviewed or Matched with applicants like you in the past. See which programs have interviewed applicants with similar profiles to you using our InterviewLink feature. See which programs have interviewed or Matched with applicants from your medical school using SchoolLink, or your medical school country using CountryLink. And, see which programs have Matched with applicants with similar profiles to you, using MatchLink.

Rank Assist

After applying to programs and interviewing, creating your Rank Order List on NRMP® is the next step in the residency application process. But, which residency programs should you rank first and what factors should you consider as you make those important ranking decisions? Rank Assist is an exclusive Match A Resident feature for assisting residency candidates with brainstorming their residency experiences, and preparing their program order before certifying a Rank Order List in NRMP®. Fill out the unique Rank Questionnaire and see how your interviewed programs rate compared to one another.

Interview Manager

Introducing Match A Resident’s new Interview Manager feature. Take your Customized List one step further and keep track of your interview dates by adding them to your Interview Calendar. Before your interview, use the manager to take notes as you prepare. After the interview, use your notes about how your interview went to help you write a sincere interview experience.

Accurate & Consistent

Each program choice you make is important to your future medical career, and we pride ourselves in delivering only the most updated and accurate residency program requirements.

Competitive advantage

No two lists are alike, each Customized Residency Program List is built to include the maximum program opportunities while being unique to each member.

Built on experience

As specialists in the field of residency, Match A Resident uses the wealth of experience gathered over 20+ years to develop the most sophisticated strategies for gathering our information.

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Match A Resident creates Customized Residency Program Lists by comparing your Applicant Criteria with the program requirements of 4,400+ ACGME® residency programs spanning 18 medical specialties.

Match A Resident not only saves you time and money by providing a one-stop shop for your residency program research needs but also offers additional resources such as complimentary features and free expert residency application guidance. Registered members are encouraged to contact us with any questions about the residency application and matching process.

Match A Resident’s dedicated Update Team works efficiently and enthusiastically for 6 to 8 weeks annually, from June to August, updating our database. This involves residency program database inputs, rounds of emails, and direct phone calls. Unlike program websites and public databases that may be outdated or incomplete, our Update Team is trained to obtain the most accurate residency program requirements directly from residency program faculty.

Experience, transparency, dedication, and diligence make Match A Resident the most reliable residency service in the field and the pioneer of customized program lists tailored to your applicant criteria. Match A Resident works year-round to keep our information updated and to continuously improve our services and systems, all with the ultimate goal of helping our community of residency applicants succeed during the match season.

No, once you purchase a Match A Resident Customized List, all updates to the program requirements will be automatically reflected in your list at no additional cost.

If a residency program does not appear on your Customized List that does not mean the program is not in our database, this means there is at least one core requirement within the program that you do not fulfill. For example, if you indicate your USMLE Step 1 score is 215, you will not see a program that requires a USMLE Step 1 score of 216 or above.

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