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MAtch a residents mission

How We've Grown

In 2004, one man’s residency program research experience blossomed into an idea which would become the driving force behind the creation of the residency program research powerhouse, Match A Resident. Together, with a small but committed team of developers, the world’s most powerful Residency Program Filtering Algorithm was created along with the Program Requirements Database. Match A Resident has continued to grow and adapt to the ever-changing needs of residency candidates ever since.

In 2008, the Smart List was launched (now InterviewLink Feature), which allowed members to view programs containing past program interview feedback from members with credentials similar to their own.

Now, Match A Resident continues to surpass the limits of residency assistance by incorporating new residency information and with the addition of brand new features. Looking towards the future, Match A Resident is thrilled and eager to maintain excellence in quality service and continue unveiling many new, exciting advances in residency assistance.

Our Mission

Match A Resident was founded by an International Medical Graduate (IMG) in 2004 with the mission to help generations of residency candidates achieve their US medical residency dreams by providing residency applicants with the vital tools and resources necessary to complete their medical residency program research, and walk confidently down the path to residency.


We help residency candidates in researching residency programs with the most comprehensive and reliable residency requirements and information available


We educate residency candidates about the residency application process by staying well informed and up-to-date every application cycle


We work with our members to continue improving their experience with Match A Resident


We expand within the field of residency to educate our members from A to Z, USMLE® exams to Residency Match.


The residency application process is long and complicated, and can leave residency candidates feeling helpless and alone. This can be especially true for candidates such as International Medical Graduates (IMGs), or any residency candidates who face additional challenges, those who may believe they have no chance or that there are no residency programs out there for them.

But, we at Match A Resident believe that with hard work and the right resources, any residency candidate can Match into a residency program. This is our most fundamental belief and the belief that continues to drive how Match A Resident operates and moves forward. Match A Resident was created to fill the void in assistance and education some residency candidates may have, and to help these candidates feel there is someone by their side to help them. While Match A Resident is the leading IMG Friendly Residency List research service, at our core, we are also equally invested in the education, guidance and success of both our members and all residency candidates.

Our members’ success is what motivates us to continue providing our level of service and support to residency candidates to help them accomplish their goals of continuing their medical education into residency and beyond.