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We Have Your Back on Program Research

The residency application process is an endless maze of tasks. Residency candidates are expected to study for and take USMLE® exams, request transcripts and an MSPE, write multiple, perfectly crafted Personal Statements, ask for and submit Letters of Recommendation, fill out the lengthy MyERAS Application, research hundreds of residency programs, apply to selected programs, follow up with those programs, interview, rank, and participate in Match Week.

Each one of these components is crucial to your Match success and each is time-intensive--but none so much as program research. The time you’ll save by using a Customized Residency Program List can be spent on additional studying, extra revision of your Personal Statement, and polishing your MyERAS Application.

Making choices about your match journey

One of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of the Match process is researching programs while trying to prepare the rest of your residency application. This is where you have a choice to make!

Take a look at these two different paths:


Path 1

  • Search for program websites on Google
  • Surf through thousands of programs 
on a public database
  • Look at potentially outdated and inconsistent program websites
  • Call and email Program Coordinators who send you back to the website
  • Look at old forum posts or seek out random input, which isn’t reliable
  • Use questionable residency list services that offer unreliable program requirements

Path 2

  • Register with Match A Resident and activate a list of compatible programs in up to 18 IMG-Friendly specialties
  • Explore your Customized Program List(s) through the Specialty Navigator
  • See your most compatible programs at-a-glance, ranked by Compatibility Scores
  • Find programs that have interviewed applicants with criteria similar to yours through the Interview feature
  • Apply additional filters to further refine your Customized Program List
  • Use the funneled organizational system to mark programs of interest as Saved, Applying, and Interviewing
  • Read Interview Feedback from members with criteria similar to yours
  • Stay up-to-date with relevant Match resources through emails, blogs, and videos
  • Call the Match A Resident Support Staff with any questions

What’s the difference?


Includes countless hours moving through multiple sources of residency requirements and double-checking potentially outdated and incomplete information. Public databases have thousands of inconsistent entries with no options to customize or filter. Program websites may be updated erratically and do not always state the minimum requirements an IMG needs to know. This can cost you time and energy you can’t afford to waste.


Lets you access all the residency program information you need in one easy-to-use source with accurate and consistent requirements, including exclusive insights for each program on your Customized Residency List. You also have access to many helpful features and organizational tools to make your program selections and residency application process more streamlined and efficient.

Match A Resident makes
a difference

Independent program research using inconsistent sources can be costly, stressful, and a major drain on the time you need to prepare your MyERAS Residency Application properly.

Match A Resident’s Specialty Navigator provides you with the tangible advantage of fast, reliable program research that is tailor-made for you.

Experience the advantage of:

  • One comprehensive source for residency programs and their requirements
  • At-a-glance Compatibility Scores and other identifiers
  • Funneled organizational system to help you keep track of programs
  • Multiple filters to help refine your Customized List even more
  • Updated and accurate information you can rely on
  • IMG-specific requirements, statistics, and data
  • Exclusive program Interview Feedback, reviews, and program information

Smart residency program search
in one click.

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