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International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and the US Residency Match

An International Medical Graduate (IMG) is a medical professional who obtained their medical degree (M.D.) outside of the United States. IMGs typically fall into two categories: US IMGs and Non-US IMGs. The big difference between the two is that US IMGs have US citizenship and Non-US IMGs will require a visa. To learn more about your specific IMG category, select one of the links below.

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IMG Data and Facts

Match 2024 Statistics

Statistics, like pictures, are worth a thousand words. Given the sheer volume of data available, visualizing the residency application process can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most important data for you here.

2024 Main Residency Match® By the Numbers

Complete data 2024 Main Residency Match

Numbers do not include the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program®.

Most IMG Friendly States

Based on the 2024 Main Residency Match, here are the numbers of IMGs who matched in the top five most IMG-friendly states:

State Number of imgs
New York 1,092
Pennsylvania 455
Michigan 414
Texas 384
Florida 381
New Jersey 309

Source: 2024 Match Results by State, Specialty, and Applicant Type

These numbers represent the total IMGs (both US and non-US citizens) who successfully secured residency positions in each state, indicating a relatively favorable environment for international graduates seeking residency placements in the U.S. This data can be very useful for IMGs planning their residency applications, focusing their efforts on states that have historically been more receptive to international medical graduates.

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