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How Does Match a
Resident Help
International Medical
Graduates (IMGs)?

Issues that International Medical Graduates (IMGS) face

Getting into the US medical system as an IMG can be a challenge. Some of the potential difficulties IMGs encounter include:

Common issues residency applicants encounter regarding program requirements:

  • Differences in background, language, and medical education
  • Stigmas surrounding coming to the US medical system as an “outsider”
  • Stigmas around the quality of education as well as medical training

Barriers to Residency Application as an IMG

Not only can entering the US medical system provide many obstacles, 
but getting into residency itself can be especially challenging for IMGs. Common issues include:

  1. Passing US licensing exams
  2. Getting ECFMG® Certification to be eligible for residency
  3. Finding programs with proper visa support
  4. Getting hands-on US clinical experience
  5. Obtaining US-based Letters of Recommendation
  6. Applying to IMG Friendly residency specialties
  7. Applying to IMG Friendly residency programs
  8. Applying to compatible programs based on minimum requirements
  9. Applying to enough of the right programs

Match A Resident saves IMGs time and money

  • It is normally recommended that IMG applicants apply to a minimum of 100 programs in their top specialty. Moreover, some IMG applicants will apply to 50-100 more programs in 1-3 additional specialties. This can get expensive! Applying to 100 programs x 2 specialties = over $4,500!
  • Since applying to programs can get so costly so quickly, Match A Resident helps ensure that you are investing in the right places. By applying to only compatible residency programs, applicants are both saving money as well as increasing their chances for interviews!
  • Of course, since Match A Resident updates our entire database of program minimum requirements each and every year by calling programs directly, we also save applicants countless hours of meticulous and unreliable self-research.

Over 150,000 IMGs have benefited from MAR’s

We have additional Features and Tools like Bookmarking, Notes, Interview Manager, and Rank Assist to make the residency applicant process smooth, efficient, easy, and effective! Learn more about the Match A Resident Program Card in-depth to see the benefits in action!

  • 1 Up to date and accurate program minimum requirements
  • 2 IMG Friendly ratings for thousands of programs
  • 3 Compatibility Scores for each program on Customized Lists
  • 4 Interview-Links highlighting programs that 
have interviewed similar applicants
  • 5 Additional Filters to help refine search results
  • 6 Free guidance and support throughout the entire 
application process

Smart residency program search
in one click.

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