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AI EMPOWERED, Instant Residency Application Assessment!

Feeling uncertain about the ERAS® written components and documents? MARai's protocol-empowered, prompt-engineered toolset is here to help. Experience INSTANT analysis and guidance to navigate the complexities of every written section in your residency application now.

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Key MARai Features

Simplifying Your Residency Application Preparation

Unique Protocol-Based Approach

Unlike simple prompting with conventional Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, we've engineered our review process to adhere strictly to our unique protocols, providing enhanced relevance and precision for your residency application.

Advanced AI-Driven Scoring

We utilize cutting-edge AI technology to score the written components of your residency application, revolutionizing the evaluation process.Our system provides scores for each section of the application based on our specific protocol, ensuring a detailed and balanced evaluation.

Personalized AI-Driven Evaluation

Following the initial free scoring, you may choose to receive a comprehensive review highlighting areas for improvement aligned with the specific protocol for each section.

Continuous Innovation

Committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving medical landscape, we ensure our AI protocols and scoring methods are consistently updated and refined, giving you a competitive edge in your residency application journey.

Copy. Paste. Score. Evaluate, Instantly!

With Match A Resident's four-step process, the journey towards a successful medical residency application is streamlined, personalized, and insightful, offering clarity on each component of your application one at a time.


Begin your journey towards a successful residency with the simple act of copying. With our AI service, select the content from any specific component of your ERAS application you wish to evaluate, such as your personal statement or a description from your experience section, and copy it.


Next, simply paste your copied content into our AI Assessment tool. This simple, quick, and convenient process sets the stage for scoring.


Upon pasting your content into our AI Assessment tool, it instantly generates a Rubric Score* for your chosen component. Using specific protocols, our AI-driven process provides a clear indication of your standing for that particular section of your residency application


Finally, if you choose to proceed as a Premium member, you'll receive a detailed evaluation of your score for the specific component, in accordance with our protocol. This thorough review provides actionable insights, highlighting areas for improvement and examples allowing you to strengthen each component of your application.

*MARai offers limited free scoring for 5 ERAS® application components. (Unlimited for Premium members)


(Free/Limited to 5 components scores)

Boost your application with our Free AI Assessment Scoring. Experience instant AI-powered scoring and uncover vital areas for improvement.

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Dive deeper with our premium Full Assessment & Evaluation after obtaining your free score. Receive extensive AI-generated evaluations, tailored to elevate your score and application.

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The Majority of Your Queries Are Likely Addressed Below

Our AI Assessment tool is a cutting-edge technology platform that scores and evaluates individual components of your medical residency application, like personal statements or descriptions from experience sections.

The AI-generated results in MARai are entirely AI-driven. However, the AI operates based on the protocols and prompts meticulously engineered by our team. While we don't manually influence the outcomes, our carefully crafted protocols guide the AI's scoring and evaluation process.

While MARai's outcomes are driven by advanced AI technologies, the results, although insightful, cannot be completely guaranteed. The AI operates on meticulously engineered protocols, making it a valuable guide for your application preparation. However, given the inherent nature of AI, the final outcomes should serve as reliable advisory insights, not absolute predictors.

In the fast-paced world of AI, absolute accuracy may be elusive, but let us assure you - MARai is a game-changer. Our dedicated team has transformed countless hours into meticulously crafted protocols and engineered prompts, resulting in an analysis tool that will truly revolutionize your application process. In our pre-launch trials, candidates were not just satisfied, they were astounded by the results. This fuels our confidence in MARai's unprecedented value. To prove it, we're offering complimentary credits for initial evaluations and free scoring services. Take the MARai challenge, experience the power of our tool, and watch it make a phenomenal difference in your application.

While obtaining a perfect score is theoretically possible, it's more pragmatic to aim for an 'Excellent' overall score in the 95-100% range. This is due to character limitations set by the ERAS application, which can limit how much detail can be included in certain sections. MARai aims to optimize within these constraints, but perfection isn't always feasible or necessary for a strong application.

Our tool follows a four-step process: Copy the content from any specific component of your ERAS application, Paste it into our AI Assessment tool, receive a Score for the specific component based on our unique protocols, and opt for a detailed Evaluation of your score with actionable insights for improvement.

The scoring process involves the AI Assessment tool generating a Rubric score for the specific component of your application that you've chosen to evaluate. This is based on specific protocols that correspond to each section of the application.

The detailed evaluation, which you can choose to proceed with after scoring, gives a comprehensive review of your score for the specific component as per our protocol. This review highlights areas of potential improvement, providing actionable insights to help you strengthen your application.

Yes, we offer a free version of our AI Assessment tool, which will provide you with a score for any component of your application based on our protocols. We also provide a set number of free credits for you to try our evaluation component.

Beyond the Free Score, the Free Credits allows you to access our detailed evaluation service for your application components. You can use these credits to understand the potential areas of improvement based on our specific protocols.

We created the AI Assessment tool because we believe that simple AI prompting (ChatGPT and similars) is not built to cover all areas that are recommended by the official organizations. Given the innovative surge in AI technology, we have spent months meticulously Prompt Engineering our tool to evaluate every component of your residency application.

Our protocols cover every area that we believe is important for you to compose the most comprehensive language for almost every section of your application. These protocols have been crafted to ensure that your application aligns with the expectations and standards of the official organizations.

MARai is powered by our application review service at This means that the protocols and prompts used by MARai were handcrafted by Dr. Z and his team at Residency Experts, bringing expert insight and professional knowledge to the AI Assessment tool.

If you choose to receive assistance in editing any component of your application after the evaluation, our team at Residency Experts will be ready to help. Following each of our meticulously crafted protocols, our human experts will handcraft each component of your application to enhance its effectiveness. Visit

The number of credits needed for each residency component varies and is calculated based on the length of the text you are inputting and the amount of text output from our AI. This ensures fair and proportional usage of our resources.

Regrettably, we are unable to offer refunds for unused credits, as the credits represent data processing activities that are already initiated. To help you understand the value and utility of our service, we provide a set number of free credits for initial evaluations. This way, you can get a first-hand experience of the detailed insights our tool offers before deciding on any credit purchases.