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How Interview Manager Works

  • Once an interview is received, go to your Interview Manager
  • Add the program, date, and time
  • Add any essential interview notes for this program in the Interview Manager
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All Your Residency Interviews in One Place

As the residency application season progresses, you will be gratified to see your list of upcoming interviews growing! Make sure to keep track of all your Interview Notes and reminders as well.

ProTip: You can add interviews from the Interview Manager - or, you can add them directly from your Customized Specialty List by clicking the ‘Calendar Icon’ for the program you are viewing.

And don’t forget, once your interview is complete, be sure to submit Interview Feedback and take the Rank Assist survey as soon as possible afterward!

No purchase required! We built this tool for all applicants to utilize. Registered users can still take advantage of the Interview Manager for free!

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