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Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and
Science [Jacksonville]

  • Child Neurology Residency Program
  • Jacksonville, Florida
    • 5.0
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# 185-11-13-100


By Jim ryan D

Core Criteria


Requires Passing Score

Required for Interview


Requires Passing Score

Not Required for Interview

US Clinical Exp

No Requirement

Time Since Graduation

5 years or less is preferred

Visa Policy

H1B (Sponsored)
J1 (Accepted)


Program Info

The Child and Adolescent Neurology Residency offers extensive inpatient and outpatient clinical experience, didactic programs, and research opportunities. The pediatric portions of the residency take place at the Nemours Children's Clinic and adjacent Wolfson Children's Hospital. The adult clinical experience is provided at Mayo Clinic

Program Info

Residents have the opportunity to participate in a research project.

Program Info

Residents undertake progressive autonomy and responsibility for patient care decision-making Technical support services perform nearly all ancillary procedures which allows the resident to spend more time at the patients' bedside.

Interview Experience

"The day began with Mayo Clinic's Adult Neurology PD at 8 am. We then went through a case with Mayo Clinic, including meeting the patient on Zoom. My interviewers were Dr. Viorritto, Dr. Galan and Dr. Sheth. We met with residents, Dr. Nordli and Dr. Rao."


  • 5.0

"The night before, the residents did a Q&A for the interview candidates. The morning of, the program coordinator shared a little bit about the program while waiting for the Program Director to give a powerpoint presentation about the program. We then moved into a waiting room with the other candidates and had the chance to chat with each other and occasionally with the program coordinator. We interviewed with the PD, faculty and the program coordinator. "


  • 5.0

"Virtual interview, the PD and faculty are lovely people. Interview was very conversational and chill."


  • 4.0

"Very kind interviewers. No medical questions. Long day though! But good. "


  • 5.0

"it was a virtual interview! the first one was with APD which went really well, we connected very quickly and talked about many things i think she was impressed by me another one was with PD which also went well. he seems really nice and genuine doctor"


  • 4.0

"It was a decent interview. It was virtual due to the times of COVID and all. Had a good time with every one."


  • 5.0

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