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Learn How to Rank Residency Programs With Rank Assist

Ranking residency programs may at first seem like a straightforward task. However, most applicants find themselves stuck on their Rank Order List.

For this reason, Match A Resident created Rank Assist, an incredibly powerful and helpful tool for residency applicants to utilize while completing their Rank Order List. Rank Assist is a proprietary survey designed to help residency applicants assess their own preferences as well as the viability for ranking residency programs.

Each residency program included in Rank Assist is given a numerical score out of 10 to help you better understand where it might fit in your Rank Order List.

And remember, honest input will lead to more accurate Rank Assist scores. So take the survey soon after your interview and dedicate time for honest reflections regarding your experiences.

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Common Issues When Ranking Residency Programs

Applicants seek external guidance from unreliable sources like forums or family and friends who do not have direct experience with the programs on your List (the Rank Order List shodivd be based on personal applicant experiences, not others’ opinions)

Applicants forget important details from interviews earlier in the season

Applicants get stuck between two programs that feel very similar to them

Applicants cannot decide between personal preference and where they feel they have the best chance to Match

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How Rank Assist Gives Your Rank Order List Higher Chances of Success

Taking the Rank Assist Survey immediately after interviews helps you remember vital details

The ”Notes” feature within Rank Assist allows you to record even more information

Numeric Rank Assist values help you understand program strength from an unbiased metric

Rank Assist effectively combines applicant attitudes, aptitudes, as well as probabilities of success to create an overall score for each residency program

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Rank Assist Gives You Confidence in Your Rank Order List

Match A Resident’s Rank Assist survey is another extremely helpful feature in your residency application toolbelt. Rank Assist does not replace your Rank Order List - nor is it an ultimatum of how your list should look. Rather, it is an unbiased reference and a guide for your Rank Order List.

Rank Assist gives you the confidence to know your Rank Order List is carefully considered, well-thought, and gives you the highest chances for success.

No purchase required! We built this tool for all applicants to utilize. Registered users can still take advantage of the Interview Manager for free!

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