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SOAP© 45 Prep

Streamlined Preparation for Your Top 45 Program Selection

A strategic resource designed to guide you through the Post-Match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP©). Leveraging AI technology and a robust set of tools, this service enhances your preparation and decision-making process. From initial program insights provided by SOAP Prep to the critical selection of programs with SOAP Search, we equip you for every phase of SOAP, ensuring unmatched support in your journey.

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Introducing the SOAP 45 Prep Primary Tools

The SOAP Search Tool

The SOAP Prep Tool

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Combines SOAP Search for instant compatibility checks and SOAP Prep, utilizing vacancy insights for strategic application preparation.


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The Majority of Your Queries Are Likely Addressed Below

The Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) provides a crucial opportunity for medical residency candidates who have not successfully matched or have partially matched to apply for positions in programs that have not filled during the main Match Week starting March 11th, 2024.

During the SOAP process, you are permitted to apply to a maximum of 45 programs.

Candidates typically begin applying to programs through ERAS one hour after the SOAP list is made available through NRMP. This timely approach is important for engaging with the process promptly and effectively.

The Match A Resident SOAP Search is specifically designed to assist candidates in this critical first hour. By entering each ACGME program code into the SOAP Search, candidates can immediately determine the compatibility of available programs. This tool simplifies the process of identifying programs where candidates have the highest likelihood of success.

As you search each ACGME Code during SOAP using Match A Resident, the MAR AI algorithm automatically ranks compatible programs from 1 to 45, assigning them a gold badge (trophy).

Your Top Searched programs list is generated using Match A Resident's advanced proprietary algorithm when you engage with the SOAP Search feature. This algorithm assesses your profile against several key metrics to create a personalized list of programs.

The most probable vacant programs list is meticulously generated from an extensive analysis of data collected from past season applicants' behaviors as they navigated through Match A Resident's system.

To ensure readiness for SOAP:
- Verify your eligibility and register through NRMP to access the unfilled list.
- Prepare your ERAS application for one or multiple specialties, including all necessary documents.
- Activate Match A Resident's SOAP 45 Prep service for comprehensive preparation and strategic program selection during SOAP.

Through the SOAP Prep service, you gain access to vacancy probability analysis for five key specialties.
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Emergency Medicine

The Match A Resident SOAP Search feature allows you to search for program compatibility across 18 medical specialties during Post-Match SOAP, offering a broad spectrum for consideration.
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Emergency Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Transitional Year
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Combined Med-Peds
Child Neurology

March 31st at 11:59pm EST for, ensuring candidates have full support throughout the critical SOAP period.