Customized Residency Programs

Are you applying for US medical residency training and want to find the best residency program opportunities that match your professional criteria? Take your residency program research to the next level with Match A Resident Customized Residency Program Lists. With access to Match A Resident, you will give yourself the ultimate benefit of:

  • Over +4,000 ACGME accredited programs in 18 popular medical specialties
  • Updated and consistent core program requirements with bonus additional material
  • Exclusive residency program interview feedback and reviews
  • A dynamic and user-friendly Dashboard and Specialty Program Navigator
  • Educational resources and expert guidance to provide members with more support

The Customized Residency Program List has everything you need to complete your program research and more. With the additional features, resources and expert residency guidance, your residency application efforts have never been stronger.

What's Different About Match A Resident

Accurate & Consistent

Each program choice you make is important to your future medical career, and we pride ourselves in delivering only the most updated and accurate residency program requirements.

Built on Experience

As specialists in the field of residency, Match A Resident uses the wealth of experience gathered over +14 years to develop the most sophisticated strategies for gathering our information.

Inclusive List, Exclusive to You

No two lists are alike, each Customized Residency Program List is built to include the maximum program opportunities while being unique to each member.


Experience the difference of having your residency program research completed for you with a Customized Residency Program List based entirely on you. No more jumping from source to source, the Customized List will provide you with all the programs you qualify for in any of the 18 medical specialties with all of the information you will need to pick programs.

IMG Friendly

Calling a program IMG Friendly requires so much more information than simply knowing how many International Medical Graduates (IMGs) a program has. IMG candidates need to know if programs have a history of IMGs, visa policies (sponsor H1 or accept J1), US Clinical Experience (USCE) requirements, or specific ECFMG Certification deadlines. If you are an IMG, your Customized List will be IMG Friendly, guaranteed.


A truly Customized List doesn’t only look at you as an individual, but also takes into account past candidates like you to figure out your best residency program options. Match A Resident is the only residency research service offering an InterviewLink (I-Link) Feature to identify programs with past interview feedback or scheduled interviews from candidates with similar credentials to you. By seeing programs have interviewed candidates like you, you have an exclusive insider’s look into the minds of residency programs.

Additional Features

Each Customized Residency Program List comes with a variety of additional tools to help residency candidates get the most benefit from their membership. Bookmark your favorite programs, use additional filters to further narrow down your list, keep track of your interviews with the Interview Manager, add personal comments to programs with My Notes, and more.Learn More

Flexible Access

The life of a residency candidate is always unpredictable, which is why Match A Resident offers three seasons of access for candidates to pick the season which best suits their needs. Regular Season will give members access until February 28th of the following year. Full Season will provide access until April 30th of the following year and includes support during the Post-Match SOAP. The Post-Match Season allows members with a late start to benefit from Match A Resident.

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  • Goodbye Unreliable Sources.

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    • Full Match Season

      (Includes Post-Match SOAP)

      Expires: March 31, 2024

      Single specialty access

      $ 99 Get started

      All 18 Specialty Access

      $ 399 Get started
    • Regular Match Season Expires: February 29, 2024

      Single specialty access

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    • Post-Match SOAP Season Available Starting March 1

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is my Customized List created?

    Match A Resident takes the information you registered with, your Applicant Criteria, and our Residency Program Filtering Algorithm matches the Applicant Criteria to the Residency Program Requirements Database to create your Customized List.

    Why is a program not on my Customized List?

    If a residency program does not appear on your Customized List that does not mean the program is not in our database, this means there is at least one core requirement within the program that you do not fulfill.

    For example, if you indicate your USMLE Step 1 score is 215, you will not see a program that requires a USMLE Step 1 score of 216 or above.

    Are the programs on my Customized List IMG friendly?

    Yes! The list is created based on the Applicant Criteria. If you indicate you are an IMG, you will only see programs that consider IMG applications. You will not see any programs that do not consider IMG applications, or do not currently have any IMG residents in the program.

    Is my Customized List inclusive?

    Match A Resident takes into account residency program requirements versus their preferences. A preference is a program criteria where programs have more leniency. Programs indicate there is a score or criteria amount they would like to see, but it is not as strictly filtered as a requirement. If your residency application is strong enough, a program with a preference to a certain criteria has the potential to consider you. Therefore, you may see programs with preferences that are higher than your registered criteria, but you should not discount these programs from your list. Any program with a requirement you do not fulfill will not be on your list. Match A Resident lists are built to be inclusive rather than exclusive to give you the best chance to find your potential Match.

    Why choose the Full Season Access?

    Life doesn’t always go as planned, and it’s best to be prepared. The Full Season Access allows you uninterrupted access to your List during the Regular Season and the Match Week/ Post-Match period. By purchasing the Full Season Access, you will be able to utilize your list during the Post-Match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®). The Post-Match SOAP only allows a limited amount of applications during a short amount of time. With only a few hours to research and pick programs, having your Match A Resident List available will help you make smart choices.

    Are there any other list features or filters?

    Yes! Additional features are Additional Filters for USMLE multiple attempts, program deadlines, and more, Bookmarking, Interview Scheduling, Program Comments and Interview Feedback, and Additional Program Information. Learn more about Our Features

    Please Contact Us with any further questions.